Cancer-Stricken Grandma Breaks Down When She Sees Late Husband’s Shirt Sewn Onto A Blanket

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

When Madeline Smith found out her grandma Frances Jones had stage 4 lung cancer, she knew she needed something special to get her through chemotherapy.

“It has been a very hard time for her, not only because cancer is a hard thing to battle but also because my grandpa is not there with her,” Madeline explained. “They had a remarkable love. He proposed on their second date and were married for 56 years when he passed about four years ago.”

Madeline decided to make a special blanket for her grandma to hold onto while she was in the hospital. On one side of the blanket, Madeline had sewn on one of her grandpa’s shirts so he’d always be with his wife!

“I wanted to find some way to create a gift that she could bring with her to her treatments that made her feel like my grandpa was with her when the idea of the blanket popped in my head,” Madeline explained.

As you’ll see in the footage below, when Frances unfolded the blanket, she immediately gasped once her eyes spotted the shirt. “Thank you,” her grandma said as she began to cry.

“It was a very special moment that caught everyone off guard,” Madeline said. “She had such a genuine reaction and completely broke down when she realized what it was.”

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