Frail Grandma Can’t Shut Door, Then Hears Voice Say ‘This Is A Carjacking’

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Two carjackers learned an important lesson the hard way last week after their attempted crime went sideways.

The lesson? Never mess with Grandma.

The two would-be criminals thought 72-year-old Carol Ann Hall would be an easy mark for a carjacking, but they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Like the burglar who made the mistake of breaking into a police officer’s home, the young suspects seriously misjudged their victim.

Carol Ann is a tough cookie who raised six children on her own, and is now a great-grandma to 11 children. Needless to say, she’s not the type to back down from something like a carjacking without a fight.

She was leaving the Blues and Barbecue festival in Winter Garden, Florida, with a friend. Just as she shut her car door, one of the alleged carjackers rushed up and grabbed the handle. Meanwhile, the other suspect approached from the other side.

The two young men, 20 and 26, allegedly did everything they could to steal the car, even succeeding in pulling Carol Ann halfway out. But she told Fox35 that she just kept fighting, shouting all the while, “No! You’re not taking my car, you’re not!”

For more details on Carol Ann’s impressive determination and how she foiled the carjacking, check out the video clip below. And don’t forget to SHARE this awesome great-grandma’s story; this is a must-read for every tough-as-nails lady out there!

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