Family Searches For 84-Year-Old Grandma After She Storms Out And Disappears For Over A Week

by Mauricio Castillo
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A family from Lakewood, California, launched a desperate search for their missing grandma.

But the grandma herself didn’t realize they were looking for her! According to KTLA Los Angeles, it all started when 84-year-old Doris Doss got into a fight with her son.

She stormed out of her home and walked over to a nearby McDonald’s. She sat down and instantly began to cry.

Two kind strangers inside asked her what was going on. She told them she didn’t know why she was crying, but that she didn’t have a place to stay. The strangers decided to help.

They paid for her meal and one of the men took her home, where he and his wife let her stay the night. Around the same time, Doris’ family had started searching for her, but she had no idea.

“I didn’t think nobody cared!” she told KTLA.

Eventually, Doris was taken to a center, where a man named Richard Borders — husband to Lynn Borders, who operated the center — noticed Doris’ picture on the news.

When he learned of the situation, he took Doris to the police. The authorities then contacted Doris’ worried family, and they were reunited.

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Footage and photo provided by KTLA Los Angeles

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