Grandmother’s House Burns Down After She Loses Her Car, Then She Sees A New Jeep In Her Driveway

by Jess Butler
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Sheri recalled, “I pulled up to a red light, then it was just BAM!”

The grandmother ended up in the hospital after a serious accident on the road. There, she suffered from several physical injuries. On top of the physical pain, she then learned that her car was completely unsalvageable and had to be scrapped.

When it seemed like things just couldn’t get any worse for Sheri, another tragedy stuck only a few weeks later.

Her family home in Lake Wales, FL, had burnt down in an angry fire. The walls were peeled back, almost dissolved into ashes, and her furniture was as black as coal. She was now left without a car and without a place for her, her daughter, and her granddaughter to live.

The Lake Wales community heard of their story and made significant contributions through a local charity. With her community’s support, Sheri and her family had a roof over their heads once more.

Although she now had a home, Sheri didn’t have a means of getting back and forth, to and from the hospital. She still had to attend check-ins for her injuries from the car accident, while Tabitha needed to drive to her job to support the family.

Auto Angels, a charitable organization within Polk County, learned about the family’s struggle and decided to surprise Sheri with a gift of their own.

Sheri walked to her driveway to see a white refurbished Jeep with a red bow gently placed on the driver’s window. With shock and gratitude, she learned that it wasn’t a loan, and that the fully-paid car was a surprise for her family.

As Sheri learned that day that bad things may happen, but with great people around us, any day can be made brighter.

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