She *Thought* Her Grand Canyon Proposal Was Totally Ruined…But She Got A Stunning Surprise.

by Caroline Bayard
This writer is a New Yorker with wanderlust. She loves good food, music, the beach, and storytelling.

When Shane Ciancolo decided to propose to his girlfriend, Rebecca, he knew he had to do something that completely took her breath away.

He wanted to go for gasps, just not the kind you were thinking of…

In this epic wedding proposal video, Shane takes Rebecca on a hike at the wondrous Grand Canyon and stops her at a stunning overlook, where he gets down on one knee. Shane pulled a small box out of his pocket and told her to come closer. Rebecca was a little frightened of slipping on the dangerous terrain, but before she even got close enough for him to pop the question, Shane’s knee slips out from underneath him and the ring box went flying.

Rebecca was stunned. Did the most exciting moment of her life seriously just crumble before her eyes? Before she even had time to understand what was actually going on, Shane whipped out the real ring box and slipped a beautiful diamond ring on her finger.  “Oh my gosh, I thought you were going over the edge,” Rebecca told her now-fiance.

Rebecca definitely wasn’t the only one who was terrified by this sweet-and-sour proposal. I’m not even sure I could say YES after this prank! At least the happy couple has a truly unique story to tell their loved ones.

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