Little Girl Belts National Anthem And Teaches Adults A Lesson After Fergie’s ‘Awful’ Performance

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Grace Anna has made over a million friends on Facebook with her incredible singing voice. The young Kentucky girl was born with a rare form of dwarfism called Conradi-Hünermann syndrome, according to her website.

Despite her many health struggles, Grace Anna is a beacon of light for her family and those who hear her sing.

Recently, people on the internet widely shared a beautiful video of Grace Anna performing the national anthem. As her mom writes on Facebook, Grace Anna’s performance made waves especially after Grammy winner Fergie’s controversial performance at the NBA All-Star Game surfaced.

Many shared Grace Anna’s rendition with a note that said “this is how it’s done Fergie,” written by her mom.

But a few days later, Grace Anna’s mom took to Facebook again to walk back that harsh caption.

Grace Anna’s mom says her daughter asked if she could hear Fergie’s version of the national anthem for herself. Her mom played it for her, and Grace Anna said, “Momma, she’s beautiful and she sang it amazing. People shouldn’t tell her she did an awful job, that’s just not nice.”

On Facebook, Grace Anna’s mom wrote, “I immediately felt a very, heavy heart. What a big lesson from such a sweet, tiny warrior.”

I think Grace Anna sends such an important message. Fergie tried something new, and it didn’t go over well, but that doesn’t mean we should say such mean things about her. Sometimes, it just takes one person to remind us of that.

Check out the video below to hear Grace Anna’s version of the national anthem, and please SHARE her message on Facebook!

Footage and photos provided by Grace Anna Sings / Facebook

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