Gorilla Puts His Face Close To Fence, Is Totally Captivated By Crawling Caterpillar

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

It’s no secret that animals are just like us and can express many of the same emotions humans do. They feel happiness, sadness, anger, and even curiosity!

But animals like gorillas are even more like us than other animals. They live in families, have hands that look just like ours, and use signs and signals to communicate, just as we use language.

But the most striking similarity is how they express their emotions. In many ways, gorillas can seem like human toddlers.

In the clip below from the Calgary Zoo, a gorilla shows interest in a tiny creature crawling in front of him. It may not be obvious at first because the animal is so small, but it’s a caterpillar.

The gorilla’s reaction may be reminiscent of a child’s interest in such a strange-looking bug.

Even the gorilla’s friend shows interest in the caterpillar, and they spend some time staring at him together!

Yet neither ape tries to pick up the caterpillar; they leave him crawling across the door of their enclosure. When I was young, I knew kids who wouldn’t hesitate to pick that bug up with their bare hands!

Lucky for us, this moment was caught on camera! It’s a rare peek into the life and habits of these beautiful animals.

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