Gorgeous Wedding Cakes Dazzle And Delight The Senses

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

We all know that the real meaning behind a wedding is celebrating the wonderful union between a pair of happy newlyweds.

Of course, knowing that weddings have a deeper meaning doesn’t have to keep us from enjoying all the pretty trappings that make an already special day extra spectacular!

We adore all the lovely little details, from the floral arrangements to this bride’s vintage gown, complete with a generations-long history.

And of course, given how much we love ogling gorgeous bridal ideas for our Pinterest boards, it’s just about impossible to ignore the celebration’s pièce de résistance: the wedding cake!

They’re always beautiful, whether the couple opts for a simple look or something ornate, but there are a handful of cakes making the round this wedding season that truly take this old-fashioned tradition up a level… or should we say a layer?

Check out a few of our favorite picks below!

This gorgeous amethyst cake, for example, has been making the rounds recently.

It would be a pretty, sleek dessert even without the elegant crystal decorations, but that lovely design really, excuse the pun, takes the cake!

We love how realistic this lovely gemstone design looks against the cake — we’re sure it was a real showstopper at the reception.


Every bride feels like a princess on her wedding day, but these newlyweds really got into the theme!

Instead of a traditional couple as the wedding topper, this dramatic turquoise-and-white cake had a pretty palace on top, one worthy of a Disney fairy tale.

On top of all of that, it’s as tall as can be with lots of lovely golden accents.


What could be more lovely than a cake that celebrates one of nature’s most romantic suitors?

Male peacocks are known for their beautiful blue-green feathers, used to attract their mate, so we like the sentimental science of using a pair of these beautiful birds as cake toppers!

Plus, you can’t beat those gorgeous colors: traditional wedding white mixed with blue, green, and gold.

This cake is chock-full of Old World charm, with a nod or two to 1950s nostalgia.

The simplicity of the plain white background belies the beautiful appeal of the old-fashioned, Nordic-inspired floral motifs.

Meanwhile, instead of a traditional topper, this couple opted for a bunch of red roses, and nostalgic, vintage-style illustrations of the happy duo!

This cake is certainly a unique variation on the traditional reception dessert.

Rather than a tiered white layer cake, these newlyweds showed their love for the Japanese game “Katamari” with a globe-shaped cake highlighting their world-conquering success!

This might just be the perfect cake for a quirky, fun-loving couple.

Rustic weddings are all the rage these days, with lots of beautiful weddings now taking place outdoors with tons of crafty, homemade decorations!

With that in mind, why not extend the theme to your wedding cake?

This beautiful cake runs with the theme beautifully, with a lovely birch-bark theme with lots of pretty greenery around the edges.

As we all know, the other centerpiece of every wedding is the bridal gown.

We love the idea of taking queues from the wedding gown to create a beautiful and unusual wedding cake.

This nontraditional gown featured pink floral embroideries, and a talented pastry chef recreated the look with elegant needlepoint-inspired decorations.

For the world travelers out there, we can’t imagine a more perfect cake!

Whether the newlyweds met in the wilds of the Australian outback, or can’t wait to kick off a life full of adventures with their honeymoon, this is a darling way of commemorating a light-footed lifestyle of globe-hopping!

Plus, we can’t help but dig the elegant simplicity of the white-and-gold design.

For duos who love the mysteries of the ocean and relax by the beach, this oceanic cake might be the perfect fit!

Between the waved lines of the frosting and the delicate sea star decorations, couples who love the surf and the sand should take note.

An especially apt venue for this cake? A sunset wedding on the beach — sheer bliss!

Not a cake for the shrinking violet, this beautiful confection celebrates the romance, drama, and mystery of the masquerade!

Traditional masked balls used to be an expected part of the social scene back in the day, and we still remember them fondly as celebrations of beauty and opulence.

This teal-and-silver cake, topped with a sleek silver mask, is perfect for passionate pairings with a penchant for theatrics.

For a beautiful cake that does something slightly different with the crystal motif, what could be more beautiful than this illusory floating cake?

With several layers suspended between two crystalline cake platforms, this pretty piece looks like it’s suspended in midair.

For a couple with a love for everything ethereal and magical, this might just be the ultimate wedding cake!

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