Diver Finds Mysterious Camera In Ocean, Then Scans Photos To Find Owner’s Name On Boarding Pass

by Mauricio Castillo
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Pictures are captured memories that you can hold on to and keep forever.

One college student living in Hawaii knew all too well how important those memories can be when he came across a GoPro while scuba diving. He immediately knew he had to find its owners, so he began watching the footage.

Lo and behold, he came across a shot of a boarding pass with the name Cole Winsor. He took to social media and spent months trying to find Cole.

Previously, the Winsor family went on a trip to Hawaii and wanted pictures and videos of everything. Cole, one of the family’s three sons, used his GoPro mobile camera to get the best shots he could, including when he jumped off a cliff.

While their mom, Kari, filmed them on her cell phone, Cole and his brothers, Nick and Jake, jumped 50 feet into the water.

His GoPro was attached to a selfie stick.

When he emerged from the water and the brothers reunited back on shore, Nick asked Cole where the GoPro was.

Cole quickly realized it must have somehow been knocked off the stick and lost in the water.

They tried to find it, but against the vast ocean, they didn’t stand a chance.

All those memories — of both the trip and the prior year — were gone.

But after returning home to California, Nick received a message on Snapchat as well as on Instagram.

The messages were from a complete stranger.

“I get this random message, ‘Do you know Cole Winsor?’ ‘Yeah, it’s my brother. Why?’ ‘Does he have a GoPro?’ ‘Yeah, but he lost it in Hawaii.’ I’m like, ‘Dude no way!’” Nick recalled.

The message was from the college student in Hawaii.

What are the chances?

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Footage provided by KSWB. Photo Credit: Flickr/Mouzo.

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