She Donates Husband’s Shirt To Goodwill After He Hid $8,000 In Pocket, Then He Wants It Back

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Linda Hoffman recently decided to donate a bunch of old clothes to her local Goodwill store in Placentia, California. However, she had no idea that one of the shirts inside the trash bag of items — her husband’s orange button-down — had $8,000 in cash hidden in a pocket.

She also didn’t know that her husband, Bob, had been secretly putting away money for the past six years. He was collecting funds to surprise Linda with a vacation to Italy after he retired, and he kept it in the pocket of a shirt buried in the closet.

Two days after Linda’s trip to Goodwill, Bob realized the orange shirt in question was missing… and so was the cash he’d been working so hard to save.

In a panic, Bob asked Linda if she knew where it went. She told him the shirt had been donated to Goodwill, and finally Bob admitted his plan to her. He knew they needed to get the shirt back, but he also knew the chances of finding the same shirt at the same Goodwill were slim to none.

Goodwill employees scoured the store for the shirt but came up empty-handed. Linda and Bob felt hopeless.

But the following day, an employee named Caitlin made a miracle happen…

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