New Study Reveals That Letting Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed Is Actually Good For You

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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How do you feel about letting your dog sleep in bed with you?

My pup loves to snooze on my bed, and I’m happy to let her hang out — as long as I’m not also trying to sleep.

Once I decide it’s time to hit the hay, I send her downstairs, either to the couch or her own bed, whichever she chooses.

I do always feel a little guilty kicking my sweet dog out of my bedroom, but I tell myself that I won’t get a good night’s sleep with her moving around all night and taking up space.

But a new study by the Mayo Clinic may just prove me wrong.

The study examined 40 healthy adults and their dogs over the course of five months. Both the humans and the dogs wore activity trackers that kept tabs on their sleeping habits.

And the results were surprising.

Sleeping with dogs helps humans sleep better — with one caveat. Sleeping with your pup is great, so long as he stays above the covers. The participants who let their dog cuddle up to them under the covers did not sleep as well as others.

This is great news for dogs and dog lovers. I might just have to rethink my stance on letting my pup sleep on my bed.

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Thumbnail Photo: Pexels / Adrianna Calvo

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