Hero Truck Driver Sees Crazed Man Dragging Lady Into Woods, Risks His Life To Thwart Evil Plan

by Amy Paige
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John Bishop was driving down the highway in South Jersey when he spotted something very strange. At first, he thought he was just seeing things.

John was merging into traffic (while, coincidentally, taking a different route than he usually does) when he saw a man dragging a woman into the woods off the interstate in broad daylight.

“I saw out the corner of my eye, I saw a woman walking and somebody grab her and yank her forcefully slam her into the ground into the bushes and drag her down the hill,” he told CBS. “It didn’t even look real to me, to see how fast she was sucked into the path and into the bushes,” he continued.

“The big man put me there for a reason.”

That’s when John became a heroic Good Samaritan, risking his own life to save a complete stranger.

John stopped his pickup truck in the middle of traffic and bolted down the hill toward the wooded area. As angry drivers honked their horns around his vehicle, he got close enough to the alleged assault to hear the woman’s muffled screams.

That’s when he spotted a man forcing himself on top of the woman. John frantically called out to him, telling him to leave her alone at once.

The man stood up as he was directed but now turned his attention to John. “He came right at me and he grabbed me by my arms.”

The two men ended up in a violent scuffle, during which John managed to drag the alleged attacker back over the hill and throw him over the guardrail so passersby could see them — but no one stopped to help.

Watch the video below to see why John is now a bona fide hero, though he says he simply “did what anybody else would have done.”

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