Good Samaritan Hears ‘Bloodcurdling’ Screams, Then Grabs His Gun And Runs Toward Mom And Kids

by Olivia Jakiel
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After a man heard what he describes as “bloodcurdling” screams from his Missouri home, his quick thinking and selfless actions saved a woman and her three kids from being brutally beaten.

According to reports, Benjamin Seadorf was with his four kids at his home in Kansas City, Missouri, when he heard a woman screaming for help. “She definitely was in fear of her life,” Benjamin said. “She was screaming at the top of her lungs, profusely bawling. She just kept screaming, ‘Help me! Help! Somebody, please help me!’ over and over again.”

Like any Good Samaritan, Benjamin jumped into action without a second thought. He grabbed his 9 mm handgun and ran down the steps of his front porch.

Security footage from his home shows the father of four sprinting toward the screaming woman; however, a tree is blocking where the bulk of the action takes place. A police report gives chilling details of the attack.

According to the report, Alarick Williams violently grabbed the mother of his three children, forced her back into the car, and strangled her until she fell unconscious — all in front of their kids, who were sitting in the back seat.

Benjamin told reporters, “As I get close to the vehicle, I noticed her top’s ripped off. No shirt on. Her bra’s halfway off, and her pants were halfway off because he kept grabbing her.” Benjamin said that as he approached the vehicle, he pointed his gun at Alarick, who then got out of the car and lay on the ground while Benjamin waited for police to arrive.

Police arrested Alarick shortly after. Benjamin said, “I really feel that if she had left here, something worse would’ve happened, and not one single person in that intersection tried to help. Society doesn’t want to get involved nowadays, and it’s sad. We need to help each other more.”

You’re a true hero, Benjamin!

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

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