Customer Sees Cashier Is Too Frantic To Call 911 During Attack And Takes Matters Into Own Hands

by Amy Paige
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Angelo Verdone had recently turned 61 years old when he headed into Scotty’s Donuts in Modesto, California.

All he wanted was his Saturday morning cup of coffee.

While placing his order, he heard gunshots outside.

Angelo looked into the parking lot and saw an older man in a physical altercation with a 30-year-old man. The older man’s partner was terrified, watching the scuffle from their convertible.

Angelo recognized the younger man; he had seen the same guy “harassing customers” just moments prior.

“With no questions in my mind, he was going to murder both of them, hop in the car and be gone,” Angelo told Fox40.

At this point, Angelo could have easily gotten in his own car and driven away, but his instinct was to stay and fight.

So he instructed the owner to call 911 — but she was in such a state of panic and terror that she couldn’t speak or hold the phone.

Angelo called 911, then bolted outside to the convertible. The older man had been shot in the chest.

Angelo knew he was about to do something that could potentially get himself killed… but he decided to be a hero anyway.

Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento

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