Stranger Rewards Grandson For Taking Care Of His Recently Widowed Grandma

by Emerald Pellot
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Josh Pelfrey is a fifth grader at Mayfield Elementary School. One day, he and his grandmother, Dorothy Davis, were at a clothing store.

They didn’t think much of the trip until a few days later at school when Josh was called into the school office. Nervous, like any kid would be, Josh thought he was in trouble. Then the teacher told him she was so happy for him. What the heck was going on? While at the store a total stranger noticed something special about the boy: it was the way he tended to his dear old grandmother.

You see, just a few months earlier, Dorothy’s husband and Josh’s grandpa passed away.

It has been a struggle, but the young boy was there for his grandma and it was noticeable.

The stranger left Josh two brand new pairs of sneakers and a $50 gift card to take his family out to dinner at his school.

“I had a brief interaction with (Josh) and his grandmother at a store recently. I noticed how sweet he was to his grandmother, and voiced my appreciation to her,” the stranger wrote. “I saw him admiring a pair of shoes, and thought he might find some use for these. I also thought it might be nice if he took his grandma and siblings out to dinner.”

Dorothy and Josh were stunned.  “They were just a total angel,” Dorothy said. “They have made my life easier, just with the kindness they’ve shown. So thank you.”

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