Goldie Hawn Admits She Hasn’t Married Kurt Russell To Keep Her Spirit From Being ‘Squelched’

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been in a relationship since 1983, but the couple have never tied the knot.

Despite being together longer than some marriages, Goldie has said she’s never felt the need to actually marry Kurt. In this 1991 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she explains why.

By 1991, Goldie and Kurt had been together for seven years, and Oprah pointed out that she referred to him as her “husband” even though they hadn’t officially gotten married yet. Goldie was even wearing a gorgeous diamond ring on her finger.

Goldie admits that she and Kurt had a “ceremony,” but that it wasn’t a marriage one. Instead, she explains that she doesn’t feel the need to actually have a wedding with Kurt, and that staying in a relationship that isn’t signed, sealed, and delivered is more comfortable.

Goldie says that sometimes, the legal act of marriage can make people feel like their “spirit is squelched.” Instead, she says that she and Kurt believe “if you leave the door open, you’ll never walk out of it.”

Goldie also expressed that she doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding, but would rather give it to abused children. She also thinks it’s more important to focus on their relationship than their wedding, and says she takes her vow of love to Kurt every single day, instead of just once.

This is a slightly unconventional view on marriage, but it seems really sound to me! And there’s no question that it’s been working well for Goldie and Kurt all these years!

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