Fans Can’t Get Over The Adorable Look-A-Like Photo Goldie Hawn Shared Of Her Granddaughter

by Sarah Bregel
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Goldie Hawn is just a delight. She’s an incredible actress, a hilarious and lovely human being, and now, she’s a five-star grandmother to her many adorable grandkids.

She seems to be close with her entire family. But apparently Goldie has a little doppelganger in one of her grandkids — little Rio.

She just shared a sweet picture of the 6-year-old and they look practically identical. She also seems to have a lot in common with her grandma. She’s definitely fun and carefree, just like Goldie. Goldie posted this silly shot on Instagram on Sunday of Rio with her legs in the air. She wrote that she was having “Christmas lunch in Aspen with a chip off the old block!

Happy upside down lunch to everyone everywhere.”

Commenters were quick to chime in and comment on just how much she looks like Goldie. Rio’s aunt, actress Kate Hudson, posted a bunch of laughing face emojis.

Rio, who is the youngest daughter of Goldie’s son, Oliver Hudson, looks super adorable in the picture. Clearly, Goldie thought so, too. But what caught followers’ eyes was the fact that she really looks so much like her grandmother — and they definitely have the same spirit.

It’s not the first time Goldie has shared pictures of Rio. She posted a photo of the two together at Rio’s kindergarten graduation. That picture was about two years ago, though. While Rio definitely looked a little bit like Goldie then, she’s definitely looking more like her as time goes on.

It’s clear the two have a special bond. Goldie also recently shared this photo of Rio accompanying her to a special event. “Couldn’t have picked a better date than my granddaughter Rio for my event in Palm Desert…” Goldie wrote. In another picture, Rio’s whole family appears with Goldie.

We love seeing what Goldie is up to. She also recently shared that there is another Christmas Chronicles happening soon! “A year later and I’m still ringing Santa’s jingle bells 🤶🏻 I couldn’t be happier to be working on @christmaschronicles again with Kurt Russell, my real life Santa 🎅🏼 @netflix 2020,” she wrote on Instagram.

The first Christmas Chronicles was, of course, a massive hit. Kids loved the Netflix film. The movie was so funny and well-thought out. It had a great story line and, of course, starred Kurt Russell and Goldie, so adults loved the film, too. It became an instant classic.

We know Kurt and Goldie are basically #couplegoals. But Goldie stays close with all her kids. She’s especially tight with daughter, Kate, and shares pictures of herself along with Kate and her kids frequently.

Not only does she share photos from the here and now. She shares plenty of throwbacks. Grandmas get nostalgic, ya know? How sweet is this adorable picture of Goldie and daughter, Kate, relaxing together in a hammock? It’s easy to see why the two have remained so close over the years.

We’ve seen Goldie in so many different roles over the years. From her hilarious films like Overboard in 1987, to First Wives Club, and Snatched which she appeared in with Amy Schumer, she never disappoints. Fans absolutely go nuts for Goldie playing Mrs. Claus, though, alongside real life beau, Kurt.

Goldie definitely eats it up, too. She doesn’t mind playing Mrs. Claus — she embraces the role! The other roles in her life she embraces are that of being a great mother and grandmother.

Having Goldie as a grandmother is probably pretty wonderful. Hopefully she will keep sharing her adventures with little Rio with us. It will be fun to see how Rio grows up and if she looks more and more like Goldie year after year.