Golden Retriever Disobeys Orders From His Mom And Dives Headfirst Into Giant Mud Puddle

by Andrea Wunderlich
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Growing up with two devious mini dachshunds, I’m no stranger to fur-baby shenanigans.

My dogs used to roll around in the grass in our yard for hours on end.

They tracked dirt, grass, and whatnot into our house. My mom was forever trying to clean up after them!

In this adorable video of two energetic golden retrievers, a woman can be heard shouting after the dogs as they jump and frolic in a giant mud pit!

The dog  on the right, who has sunken down quite far in the thick, dark mud, appears to really be enjoying himself. He’s lounging in the mud like it’s a day at the doggy spa!

The woman appears to be trying to prevent her other dog from joining in on his pup brother’s mischief!

“Oh, Cooper! What are you doing?!” the woman pleads with her pet as he thrashes around in the mud, even dunking his entire head in it!

The woman eventually gives in and busts out laughing. She’s clearly no stranger to this animal’s crazy behavior!

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Thumb Credit: Instagram / Cooper and Charlie 

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