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Animal Control Officer Finds Abandoned Dog With Huge Tumor, Then Raises $500 To Get It Removed

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

For every monster in the world who abandons a dog, there’s always a hero there to save them. Luckily for a golden retriever named Henry, his rescuer was an animal control officer named Valerie Schomberg.

In May 2016, Valerie found Henry dumped on a beach in California with a huge tumor protruding from his right side. They found that it weighed 46 pounds.

“Everybody who’s seen him has kinda just taken a [gasps], ‘Oh my lord,'” Valerie says. “But the whole time, he’s trying to give you kisses and wagging his tail.”

Valerie set out to help the sweet golden retriever and save his life by finding a way to pay for the surgery to remove the tumor. She was able to secure $500 to go toward his bills.

“It was already difficult for him,” Dr. Karla Nichols explains. “It was very obvious his right front leg was having a hard time supporting his weight — so we knew we had to do something for him.”

After a successful surgery, the golden retriever was running around and having a ball at the Newport Beach Animal Shelter — and at his new 78-pound weight!

“The tumor was cancerous, but it is non-metastatic (meaning that it didn’t spread anywhere else) and the surgical team got it all out,” the animal shelter writes on its Facebook page. “We are grateful for all of the positive thoughts, well-wishes, and support that Henry and our staff have received throughout his treatment.”

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