Golden Retriever Puppy Outsmarts His Big Brother In An Adorable Game Of Chase

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

We all know that dogs are incredibly intelligent animals. Sometimes, no, they don’t put their brains to the best use, but they sure do have them.

We humans can be the same way sometimes… like when we know we should be having a healthy dinner, but pizza sounds so much better.

But when pups do put their noggin to good use, some great things happen! Service dogs do a wonderful job making life easier for their human each and every day. Other pups save lives as part of search and rescue teams.

Some dogs simply learn some adorable tricks from their people because they know that they’ll get a yummy treat at the end of it.

Sometimes pups learn how to do things all on their own, like how to open the cabinet door where you keep the treats or the garbage. That’s not so great… but when this little golden retriever pup shows off how smart he is all on his own? It’s too adorable.

He and his older brother play a game of race and chase around the coffee table. While his little legs put him at a disadvantage, he’s got that big brain of his to make up for it. Just watch when he figures out exactly what he needs to do to win this game!

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