Mom Tells Her Golden Retriever It’s Time To Go Home, Then He Refuses To Move

by Paul Morris
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Golden retrievers are well known for having unique and silly personalities. While we usually picture these dogs as energetic and totally loyal animals, it seems like Rufio might be an exception to the norm!

Rufio and his mom had a pretty exciting day at their local pet store, but when it came time to go home this furry companion had a little problem with his human’s plan. As the pair got closer and closer to the exit, this dog quickly realized what was going on and let his body go limp.

Mom has absolutely no clue how to get him to listen to her. It seems like this dog is smart enough to figure out how to passively resist his humans and remain totally still!

He stays completely immobile as his mom tries to get him to leave, but he just doesn’t listen.

With him in a body harness, mom slowly drags him across the slippery floor, but even that doesn’t change Rufio’s mind!

Eventually, this adorable puppy even gets on his back and puts his paws in the air — it seems like this cute little guy wants to play instead. He seems to know just how silly he’s being, but he’ll remain on the ground and never move for Mom!

Do you think Rufio is still there on the ground or did Mom manage to get him home? What would you do if your dog did this in public? Let us know in the comments below!

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