Golden Retrievers Jump, Dive, And Doggy Paddle In The Ultimate Puppy Pool Party

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

Some dogs hate baths — and, by extension, all forms of water. But if you’ve got yourself a water-loving dog, you know there’s nothing cuter than seeing him or her swimming happily.

For those who love the sight of a good doggy paddle, good news: a dog hotel and spa in Brazil hosted a golden retriever pool party and posted the video for all the world to see.

The Golden Friend Forever Kennel Hotel and Spa posted the short clip on Instagram of their puppy “guests” swimming on February 28, 2017.

Set to cheerful music, the video shows over a dozen beautiful golden retrievers swimming in a pool.

Even better, the pool seems tailor-made for the dogs.

It’s shallow enough for them to be able to climb out easily and jump back in.

Some of the pups are more tentative jumpers than others, and a couple more or less flop into the water. But they are all equally adorable as they enjoy their spa “retreat.”

Meanwhile, off to the side, a little boy casually blows bubbles over the excited dogs and another non-golden retriever runs around at the edge of the pool. But the goldens are way too excited about their pool time to pay any attention to the boy or his bubbles. I can’t say I blame them!

Check out the footage of the sweet dogs having fun below.

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Footage provided courtesy of Golden Friend Forever Kennel Spa e Resort.

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