Owners Chronicle Their Golden Retriever’s Love Of The Mailman In An Adorable Instagram Series

by Angela Andaloro

We love friendly dogs. Actually, we love all dogs, but we love the opportunity to make friends with ones who like humans back.

One golden retriever is rewriting the old story of the dog and the mailman.

The golden retriever’s name is Moose. He’s a 2-year-old with a heart as golden as his mane. One of Moose’s favorite hobbies has always been greeting his mailman. He waits in the driveway, tail wagging, for a chance to see his friend day after day.

Moose’s human parents later found out that their mailman had recently lost his own dog. It made the bond between the two that much sweeter.

It’s clear the mailman is just as happy to see Moose as Moose is to see him.

Moose’s parents have done a great job at documenting the relationship between him and Mr. Mailman, as they lovingly call the postal worker. They share that and all of Moose’s adventures on his Instagram, which has a whopping 29,000 followers.

Moose the golden retriever seems like quite the special pupper. Moose’s human parents started documenting his adorable life in 2018 when he was 5 months old. People were instantly struck by the sweet pup and loved following his fun antics.

Moose calls Michigan his home. He loves the outdoors, as you can see from the many photos of him rolling around the dirt and having lazy days in the sunshine. As much as Moose loves the outdoors, he has an even greater love.

Earlier this year, Moose’s parents shared what his favorite part of each day is. Apparently, Moose likes to sit in his driveway each afternoon and wait for his friend, Mr. Mailman. Contrary to everything you’ve heard about dogs and mailmen before, the two are clearly elated to see each other.

Moose’s parents learned that their mailman had recently lost his dog. It made those moments with Moose each day all the more special.

Everyday 💛 we found out our mailman lost his dog recently. Their love for each other makes my heart so happy. Happy Friday friends 🥰,” they shared on Moose’s Instagram.

They started to chronicle Moose’s meetings with the mailman and sharing them online. Sometimes it would be days before they saw each other. While Moose missed him, the reunions were that much more exciting.

The mailman is always ready for Moose. He even brought Moose a special treat for Valentine’s Day. You can tell Moose was in the loving mood, giving plenty of kisses in return for the love he’d received.

It’s easy to see that Mr. Mailman is Moose’s very best friend. You can also tell that Moose is incredibly well trained with the way he patiently waits for his best friend. He even lets him go when their time is done without a chase.

The mailman knew that Moose’s parents were capturing their encounters on camera. As worries about the virus began spreading, he shared a message.

Hello World, thank you for all the love,” he said with handheld cards as Moose sat watching thoughtfully.

In March, Moose was bummed out when he was kept from seeing his mailman buddy.

Mom is almost 8 months pregnant which means no contact with anyone until this virus has more answers or passes. Unfortunately, that means no pets from Mr. Mailman for a little bit of time,” they shared.

“We are both sad but need to be cautious during this crazy period of life. Praying for Mr. Mailman’s health and that he stay safe. What a crazy time in our world’s history☹️ We will get through this together. STAY HOME MY FRIENDS and be safe!”

They provided another update in April, alongside an old video of the two together. “Hi friends! Some of you have been asking about my best friend, Mr. Mailman. I am missing my friend so much but luckily he still calls out to me when dropping off our mail and tells me how I’m a good boy,” they wrote.

“I bark back and tell him to stay safe and that I miss him. This too shall pass and when it does I have so many jumps and kisses to give him! Until then, say a prayer for his health and safety during this time. He plays a critical role in our daily lives, making sure our mail is still being delivered during this scary time. He is a true hero in my eyes! Stay safe my friend💙💌.”

In May, Moose’s parents welcomed a baby boy. By the end of the month, they decided it was safe to let Moose see his best friend.

When you finally get to see you best friend again! Stay tuned for the reunion of two best friends coming this week☀️🇺🇸🙌🏽,” they wrote.

The trees are green and life is starting to feel less scary. Baby brother is almost a month old and I’ve taken my role as his protector very seriously. I look forward to this moment shared with my best friend and I’m so glad we are able to give each other some love during this weird time in life,” they shared in another video that week.

“Hope everyone is doing well and staying positive. Everything’s going to be alright 💛.”

Moose’s parents share videos of the two every Friday. Mr. Mailman recently took a little time off from his route. Moose missed him, but it made for another epic reunion that will melt even the coldest heart.

Mr. Mailman has since joined Instagram and comments on the videos of him and Moose. Sometimes, he answers people’s questions on the videos. It’s great to see he has a way to keep tabs on Moose even on the days they don’t get to see each other. It’s a beautiful friendship and the kind of wholesomeness we all need more of.