‘Golden Girls’ Pez Dispensers Are The Perfect Addition To Any Superfan’s Collection

by Angela Andaloro

It’s hard to believe that The Golden Girls has been off the air for nearly two decades, because to this day, the show is still beloved and referenced often in pop culture.

Even before the world at large became obsessed with the wonder that is Betty White, the show held a special place in people’s hearts. It conveys a message of friendship and family that spans generations. Plus, everyone could use some good grandmotherly advice every now and then!

Thanks to people getting obsessed all over again with one of the best sitcoms of all time, we’ve been treated to a lot of awesome Golden Girls merch recently. Fans have been able to get the sassy ladies from Miami in Funko Pop! form and even as prayer candles.

And now we can even get them as Pez dispensers.

The special collection is actually a collaboration between Pez and Funko. The Pop! Pez collection features the heads of each of the ladies in signature Funko style atop a Pez dispenser. Check them out below!

The popularity of The Golden Girls proves that sometimes pop culture doesn’t know what it has until it’s gone. It also shows that there’s a sassy old lady somewhere deep down inside all of us!

These days, all sorts of new Golden Girls-themed merchandise has become available. It has us all feeling like enjoying some cheesecake on the lanai.

golden girls pez dispenser set

Pez recently teamed up with Funko Pop! for a line of Golden Girls Pez dispensers. The entire collection is available on Amazon for $42.95.

sophia petrillo golden girls

You can also get each of the ladies individually for $5.99 apiece. Sophia Petrillo will have you picturing Sicily in the early 1900s.

golden girls blanche

Get your Southern belle on with none other than Blanche Devereaux. She appears her vivacious best with her red lips and ruby earrings.

You can tell that Dorothy Zbornak is no-nonsense from the stern look on her face. Her cocked eyebrow brings the whole vibe together.

golden girls rose

Last but not least is sweet Rose Nylund. Rose has the simplest look, but you can tell her mind is wandering.

golden girls funko pop

If you’re loving the Funko-style look of these Golden Girls, check out the set of Funko’s classic Pop! figurines featuring the ladies. The set of all four is available for $43.

If you’re looking to gift one to each of your own Golden Girls squad, the figurines are available individually for $10.99. Sophia comes with her signature handbag that you know you secretly need.

dorothy zbornak golden girls funko pop

Dorothy is already fed up with you, looking quite stern with her arms crossed. Her outfit makes you feel like she’s about to school you after a day of substitute teaching.

golden girls blanche funko pop

Blanche is doing the absolute most in her all-red outfit. Her smirk hints that there’s definitely something provocative on her mind.

rose nylund golden girls funko pop

Finally, Rose’s doe-eyed look screams innocence. You’ll probably think of your favorite St. Olaf story every time you pop a Pez.

All of the ladies are also featured in the Funko Dorbz line. All the styles are great, but we’re obsessed with this version of Sophia, available for $38.77. Too cute!

Whether you’re a major Golden Girls fan or you love someone who is, there are so many awesome ways to celebrate these ladies. These are certified icons we continue to fall more in love with as time passes by.

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