Man Inherits Old Home From Deceased Relative And Finds Gold Hidden In Furniture Left Behind

by Nadine DeNinno
Nadine is a writer and editor living in New York City. She has contributed to OK! Magazine, Star Magazine, The International Business Times and House Beautiful. She can name every celebrity dog on Instagram and enjoys ballet, music and a good pun.

When buying a house, new homeowners are bound to find something from the previous owners inside. It’s common to find old furniture, family photos, and other relics from the past in places you’d least expect.

But sometimes bizarre items turn up underneath the floorboards or hidden behind walls. Other times, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and items left behind become neat vintage finishing touches in the decor of a new home.

But this man struck gold, literally. A Frenchman thought he was only inheriting a home, then came into his real inheritance, worth millions.

The lucky man, whose name was not released, received a large home passed down from one of his deceased relatives and found a treasure trove of gold hidden all over the abode.

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The heir inherited a home in Evreux, and discovered gold stowed away in old furniture.

Flickr / torley

“There were 5,000 gold pieces, two bars of 12kg and 37 ingots of 1kg,” auctioneer Nicolas Fierfort tells BBC, estimating its worth at $3.7 million.

Flickr / Carlo Alfredo Clerici

The man found the “extremely well hidden” coins and gold bars everywhere, including in the bathroom and underneath piles of linen.

Flickr / Sam Howzit

After moving things around, he found a tin box of coins fastened underneath furniture, more coins concealed in a whiskey box, and a pile of gold bars under linens.

Flickr / Brian Giesen

The gold was sold to buyers in France and overseas. However, the Frenchman won’t exactly become super rich.

Flickr / Bullion Vault

While it was purchased legally in the 1950s and 1960s by the deceased relative, the heir could be charged with a 45 percent inheritance tax.

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