2 Goats Can’t Get Enough Of Slide, Then They Start Fighting Over Who Goes Next

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

Playgrounds and swing sets are always great home additions for any family with children. In this case, the family doesn’t only have children — they also have two excitable animals who want to enjoy their outdoor play set.

In the video below, posted on May 17, 2017, two family goats named Ricky and Lucy are enjoying their yellow slide so much, they can’t decide who should play on it next.

Then, their fun afternoon turns into a mini battle over who gets to use the slide next.

Lucy jumps off the yellow slide first and, after a little while, she is joined by Ricky.

The two goats nudge at each other in opposite directions, trying to keep one another from going up the slide first. Ricky is blocking Lucy from going up, but soon, she walks around him and jumps up, falling on her side.

Then, Ricky hooks his left leg over Lucy and they both slide toward the ground. Ricky runs up, but can’t make it to the top of the slide, so he quickly slips back down.

When Ricky takes the lead again, Lucy stands behind him. Unfortunately, he loses his footing and tumbles down as Lucy watches.

Check out these silly goats fighting for their turn on the slide in the video below, and please SHARE if you hope the little boy at the top of the slide gets to take his turn when they’re done playing around!

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