Rescue Goat And Burro Share A Heartwarming Reunion

by C.B. Dionne
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Talk about best friends! A goat and a burro were both rescued from a difficult and neglectful environment, where they had been living together for four years.

Not knowing how close the two were, they were taken to two different animal sanctuaries to start their new lives.

The goat, Mr. G, missed the burro, Jellybean, so much that he began exhibiting signs of depression. For the six days following his rescue, all he did was lie in the corner of his stall. He wouldn’t go outside, and wouldn’t even eat. The staff at Mr. G’s animal sanctuary, Animal Place, was very concerned, and knew they needed to do something.

They realized that Mr. G must have missed Jellybean, so one volunteer drove 14 hours round-trip to bring Jellybean to Mr. G.

It’s a good thing he did! The moment Jellybean arrived, Mr. G started coming back to life. He ran outside to see Jellybean, and was soon back to his energetic self. Mr. G and Jellybean wouldn’t leave one another’s side, and the former quickly began eating again (from the same bowl as his friend, naturally).

What a beautiful story that shows how important the friendships animals make with one another are. Animal friendships are very real, and come in all shapes and sizes. This rescue piglet made friends with both cats and dogs, and was just the life of the party when they all played. This blind goat also had a friend to help guide him around. When rescuing an animal, it’s always nice to keep them with their friends whenever possible.

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