Gladys Knight Admits Iconic Host Ted Mack Gave Her Trophy On TV When Other Kids Were Mean To Her

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Today, we know Gladys Knight as one of the living legends of soul music.

But before Gladys was a seven-time Grammy winner and all-around queen of music, she was just a little girl nervous to appear on Ted Mack’s The Original Amateur Hour.

Gladys was already an accomplished singer by the time she appeared on the show, but she was nervous nonetheless. Still, her incredible voice pulled through, and Gladys won the show.

As Gladys tells Oprah in an interview, the trophy she won on The Original Amateur Hour was bigger than she was!

When it came time for the photo-op, Gladys couldn’t hold the huge trophy up all by herself. She needed a little help, so the show’s producers asked some of the other contestants if they wanted to hop into the photo with Gladys and help hold the trophy up.

None of the children were allowed to go help Gladys because their parents wouldn’t let them. Gladys didn’t realize why she was being ostracized, but it must have still hurt her.

When Ted Mack heard what was happening, he did something about it.

The host of the show stopped what he was doing to help Gladys hold the trophy himself when no one else would. Ted posed with Gladys in what would become an iconic image.

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