Gisele Bündchen Gets Candid About Her And Leonardo DiCaprio’s Infamous 2005 Split

by Olivia Jakiel
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Way back before Gisele Bünchden was married to 6-time Super Bowl champion and vegan Tom Brady, the Victoria’s Secret supermodel dated none other than the self-proclaimed model wrangler himself, Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you didn’t remember that the two A-listers even dated, let me give you a little refresher course. In 2000, when Gisele was just 19 years old, she and Leo, fresh off his Titanic fame, became an item. The pair dated for a whopping 5 years, and Gisele was even his date to the 2005 Oscars — the year he was nominated for Best Actor for the film Aviation. To this date, she remains the only girlfriend he’s ever brought to the Academy Awards. Being the Only Girlfriend that Leo’s brought to an event as meaningful as the Oscars is — without a doubt — probably one of the highest girlfriend titles you can get in Hollywood.

All praise Gisele, am I right?

Anyway, Gisele recently opened about the pair’s 2005 split, as fans and pop culture experts alike considered it one of the greater romantic mysteries of Hollywood in the mid-2000s. In an excerpt from her memoir, Lessons, the 38-year-old mother of two wrote about how she was feeling toward the end of their relationship.

“Was I alone in wanting to do some serious soul-searching while he stayed the same?” she pondered.

In the end, Gisele knew Leo wasn’t right for her, but her reasoning and how exactly she figured it out is truly astonishing and wise for someone such a young age at the time.

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