3 Young Girls Are Home Alone When Burglars Break In, But Then Smartly Call 911 From Bathroom

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Three young girls who were spending an afternoon home alone in Chicago had a big scare when burglars broke into their house through a back window.

The girls acted quickly and smartly, and immediately locked themselves in an upstairs bathroom. From there, they called their parents, who were both at work, and 911.

The burglars stayed in the house for a full 10 minutes while the girls hid silently in the bathroom. They had to listen as their home was ransacked. At one point, one of the burglars even knocked on the door of the bathroom they were hiding in.

When the police arrived, the burglars ran away. They were eventually caught.

Luckily, all three girls are safe and sound, although they are understandably shaken. Even after the bad guys left the house they were too scared to leave the bathroom.

Police Sergeant James Prah is impressed by the girls’ smart and brave reactions. He says “they conducted themselves fabulously” and “did everything they were supposed to do.”

Father of two of the girls, and uncle to another, Charles Feller, says he credits their smart thinking to his wife, Beatriz Feller. He says, “she’s always instructing them on how to handle themselves whether it’s outside or at the house.”

It’s amazing that these girls were able to stay calm and safe in this situation. Check out the video below to see how the criminals got in, and please SHARE this video on Facebook!

Thumbnail credit: Flickr / Robin Taylor and Pixabay / TheDigitalWay

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