Church ‘Uninvites’ 9-Year-Old Girl From Her Own 1st Communion Because She Wants To Wear A Suit

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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For many young Catholics, the First Holy Communion is a time of excitement and coming-of-age.

I still remember my First Communion, from the mass itself — and party afterward — to the pretty dress I got to wear.

I don’t remember if there was a dress code for my Communion, but I, along with all the other girls in my class, donned the traditional white dress.

When 9-year-old Cady was getting ready for her First Communion, though, she didn’t really want to wear a white dress.

Cady loves wearing suits, so she and her mom, Chris, spent a whole weekend trying to find her the perfect white suit.

But as soon as Cady’s church found out about her suit, she was uninvited from her own Communion.

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Cady and her sister

Nine-year-old Cady and her sister have been raised in the Catholic Church. According to their mom, Chris, both girls attend Catholic school.

First Communion

Like most 9-year-old students in a Catholic School, Cady was getting ready to make her First Holy Communion.

Communion dress

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re preparing for your First Holy Communion. Between making sure you get all the prayers right and picking out your outfit, it can be a stressful time.

As Cady’s Communion approached, she and her mom spent a weekend looking for the perfect outfit for Cady to wear. Cady wanted to feel comfortable and confident for her Communion, and she didn’t want to wear a dress.

Suits hanging in closet

Cady loves cool suits — and has been collecting them since she was 4 years old.

Cady in her suit

After a weekend of searching, Chris and Cady found the perfect white suit. Cady loved it, and Chris says there was no dress code that specifically stated girls had to wear dresses, so they figured it would be just fine.

And it was — for a little while.

Cady was so excited about her suit — and she looked great in it!

But just a week before the Communion, the church released a dress code stating that girls had to wear dresses. And just three days before the event, when they found out about Cady’s suit, church officials told Cady she would be “uninvited” from her own Communion if she chose to wear her suit.

Girl in Communion dress

Cady didn’t want to buy a dress, and her mom says it was out of their budget as well.

Chris says Cady is “heartbroken” about being uninvited to her First Communion. I can imagine how sad and isolating that must feel, especially for a child who goes to Catholic school.

First Communion

As Chris says, “My daughter just wants to wear pants while worshipping the Lord and receiving the Eucharist with her classmates. She’s not hurting anyone. However, being excluded and ostracized IS hurting her.”

Replies to Communion suit

When Chris shared Cady’s story online, people were shocked.

Most thought that Cady looked great and that she deserved to enjoy her special day.

As many pointed out, what’s important is that Cady is dedicating herself to God — not what she decides to wear.

First Communion

What do you think about the decision to uninvite Cady from her own Communion? I think she looks great! Like others have said, the point is not what you wear to your Communion, but what you’re doing.

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