Girl Sells 4-H Lamb To Help Stepdad With Brain Tumor, Crowd In Tears As Price Skyrockets To $33K

by Amy Paige
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A little girl named Katie Eitner decided to sell her lamb at a recent 4-H auction in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.

Katie’s stepdad, Harley Joe Gapen, has a brain tumor. She hoped the sale could help pay for some of his medical bills, which have been piling up and placing a huge financial burden on the already stress-ridden family. She didn’t expect to make a huge dent in the stack of bills but knew any amount would help.

After arriving at the county fair, Katie stepped into the ring to sell her 145-pound lamb. The auctioneer started the bidding at $20 a pound.

But what Katie, Harley, and their family didn’t know was that the community had come prepared to bid — and bid high.

As it turned out, the organizers of the auction heard about Katie’s plan in advance and spread the word. Local businesses, neighbors, and fellow 4-H members had formed a plan of their own and attended the auction in droves.

Minute by minute, the price per pound kept going up … and up … and up. The crowd cheered, and onlookers shed tears amid the emotional event.

Finally, the winning bid was announced at $233 a pound — 10 times more than where the auction started.

Katie ended up selling the lamb for a whopping $33,785.

“This is what 4-H and farming is all about!” one Facebook commenter writes. “A tight knit group that will go to extremes to help one another!”

See the amazing auction unfold in the clip below.

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