Girl Scout Turns Samoa Cookies Into Jason Momoa Cookies And Fans Immediately Buy Every Box

by Kim Wong-Shing
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It’s Girl Scout cookie season! And while those delicious cookies don’t have any trouble selling themselves, one very clever Colorado Girl Scout came up with a genius new marketing strategy.

Charlotte Holmberg and her mom turned their boxes of Girl Scout Samoa cookies into “Momoa” cookies.  They printed images of a shirtless Jason Momoa of Aquaman fame onto 35 cookie boxes. Unsurprisingly, the Momoa cookies sold out right away.

The Momoa cookies were “an inside joke with [Charlotte’s] friends and family,” according to Girl Scouts of the USA. Charlotte went back to selling regular ol’ Samoas after hand-making those 35 boxes — which is unfortunate, because I know several people who would die for a box of Momoas.

But as Charlotte’s idea gained traction on social media, the boxes eventually caught the attention of Jason himself.

“I love Girl Scout cookies,” Jason said on the Oscars red carpet. “I was waiting to get some free ones. I’d love some.”

Jason also revealed that, rhyming last name aside, his favorite cookie is actually not the Samoa.

“I want the shortbread,” he said. “And then you put those in the freezer and that’s the best way.”

So any Girl Scouts who were planning to knock on Jason’s door — now you know what to bring! Meanwhile, his wife Lisa Bonet joked about what her husband really thinks of his appearance on the cookie boxes.

“I think he just wants his cut,” she said.

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