11-Year-Old Buys Old Camper By Herself, Then Beautifully Renovates It With Her Own Bare Hands

by Amy P
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Lauren Nelson is only 11, but she’s already a homeowner.

This artistic and creative preteen from New York was looking through her American Girl magazine when she noticed an adorable miniature camper for sale for $650.

She asked her dad if she could have it.

Instead of getting a mini RV, he proposed they just go out and buy a real, life-sized camper for around that much money.

Lauren ended up convincing their neighbor to sell her his old camper for $400 — and she used her own money to make the purchase.

In July 2020, Lauren and her family started renovating the used camper from the inside out. She designed and painted the interior all by herself.

She transformed the RV into a beautiful living space that sits in the yard outside her home.

It’s now complete with a fully functioning kitchen, four beds, and a lot of character.

Check out her transformation in the clip below!

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