5-Year-Old Girl Melts Police Officers’ Hearts With Lunchtime Prayer

by Melissa Castellanos
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For many believers, there’s nothing quite like the power of prayer.

Five-year-old Chloe exemplifies this, and her faith and spirituality taught two Cedar Hill, TX, police officers, who were about to eat lunch, that taking a minute to give thanks is so vital, especially in the kind of world that we live in today.

Marshals Herron and Wallace had just sat down at their table when they were approached by the precious little Chloe, who had a white bow in her hair, according to the police department’s Facebook page.

She kindly asked them if she could pray with them before they ate, and they happily accepted.

Chloe’s dad, Jared Chenevert, captured this cherished moment and posted the inspiring photo on Facebook, where it has been liked and shared thousands of times.

This is just another example of the impact prayer has had on many individuals, as we’ve seen before from a deputy who prays with a speeding driver instead of giving her a ticket and a catastrophic bus crash that brought a community together in prayer.

“We can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful comments about our daughter,” Chenevert wrote on the Cedar Hill Police Department’s Facebook page. “The real thanks goes to the officers, who took the time out of their busy day to bless our daughters, Chloe and Clarke. The appreciation goes both ways, and we thank you and your fellow officers for your service, because it extends beyond protection, and for two little girls it’s connecting with real-life heroes.”

Besides likes and shares, the Facebook community has been especially moved by Chloe’s actions and shared their thoughts.

“This really touched my husband & my hearts. We are waiting at DFW Airport for a flight to Israel and found this post,” wrote Mary Russell on Facebook. “As parents, you are teaching your precious little girls how to have a caring, loving, and compassionate heart, as well as a prayerful spirit. May God bless your family!!!!”

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