Little Girl Looks Terrified And Freezes In Front Of Mic, Then Has Judge Leaping Up For Her Voice

by Rebekka Spiller
Rebekka is a small town girl making her way through the Big Apple. She previously has worked at Shape Magazine and She loves cozying up under her cat bedding with a new book and is currently involved in a maddening love affair with Ben and Jerry's.

Music has a way of touching your soul and creating a unifying bond among people. Even when it’s not in a language you can understand, it’s the emotion and passion floating within the melody that has the power to slip you into a different mood instantly.

It’s amazing how one thing can hold so much power over the human mind: delicate enough to lull babies to sleep, tragic enough to make a grown man weep, and passionate enough to propel athletes beyond their boundaries!

Some people stick to their go-to genre, while the taste of others varies depending on how they’re feeling that day. Sometimes, though, you’re left without any choice, especially when watching reality shows like The Voice.

In this case, the show was a 2013 episode of Holland’s Got Talent. A wide-eyed girl with honey-brown spiral curls gazes innocently out into a crowded auditorium.

As violin strings begin to flood the quiet space, a look of fear glimmers in Amira Willighagen’s eyes. Then she opens her mouth and the audience is stunned. Resonating from her tiny frame is the operatic voice of a diva. Everyone glances around, sharing with the strangers surrounding them a mutual feeling of shock and awe.

As the mournful melody continues, the 9-year-old’s voice seems to tell the painful tale of a woman who is suffering from a loss or a broken heart. With every high note, the crowd erupts with encouraging applause and cheers. As they celebrate each perfectly executed note, they instantly morph from individuals to a unit.

As she flawlessly lands her final high note, she evolves back into the little girl she started out as, only this time a triumphant smile spreading across her face.

The feelings of the crowd vary from tears to dropped jaws, but the bond shared during the aria formed a connection they will forever remember.

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