Girl Agrees To Hold Friend’s New Puppy At Restaurant Only To Learn It’s A Birthday Surprise

by Amy Paige
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For three years, a little girl named Tatum kept asking her mom for a puppy. She became obsessed with the idea of caring for a dog of her own, but it was never the right time.

Whenever Tatum would walk past a puppy, she’d jump with excitement. “Look Mom, it’s Winston!” (She liked to imagine every puppy was named Winston.)

In the clip below, Tatum and her mom are dining al fresco to celebrate her birthday when a couple of family friends suddenly walk past their table. Tatum lights up when she sees they’re holding a brand new puppy, so they ask if she’d like to hold him. Her answer, of course, is a hard yes.

The couple casually mentions the puppy’s name is Winston.


Here’s what Tatum doesn’t know: One week earlier, before her actual birthday, her mom’s good friend helped her create a big surprise. The family friends were only pretending to be the new owners of the adorable baby poochon (a mix between a poodle and bichon frise), whom they just “happened” to have named Winston.

As Tatum holds the puppy, wishing he was hers, Mom directs the camera to her and says, “Hey, Tatum, look at me. Happy birthday.”

Wait until you see the moment Tatum realizes she’s been tricked in the best way possible.

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