10-Year-Old Uses Homemade Bracelets To ‘Pay It Forward’

by Rebecca Landman
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Leah Nelson is a girl on a mission.

At just 10 years old, this West Sacramento resident noticed that her community was filled with mad folks — upset over contentious issues, upset with each other, and lacking a clear course for creating positive change.

So, this bright fifth grader took it upon herself to gift her community, and the entire world, with a new avenue toward bringing people together.

Leah has always loved crafting loom bracelets, so she decided to start Becuz I Care, a program through which she does good deeds for others, and seals the exchanges by gifting these folks with one of her signature, handcrafted bracelets.

The hope is that those folks then pass forward new good deeds to even more people, sealing their interactions with the bracelets as well, cycling the initiative on and on.

Fans in Leah’s community, and all over the world (thanks to the internet), are already raving about her project. She hopes her bracelets will eventually flood the globe with enough compassion to wash away the hate.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn more about this remarkable girl’s heartwarming mission, and then watch the video to hear from Leah in her own words.

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girl with bracelets

Recently, 10-year-old Leah Nelson grew tired of living in a community riddled with anger and negativity.

girl with bracelets

All she saw were mad folks, stuck in their negativity without any real course toward change.

So, this West Sacramento native chose to take it upon herself to get active, and spread positivity as best she could — by doing good deeds for strangers, and sealing the deals with one of her adorable, handcrafted bracelets as a reminder to pass her kindness on to others.

This adorable fifth grader has always loved making loom bracelets, and realized that her craft could easily transition into this beautiful social experiment.

Leah named her initiative Becuz I Care, and is already making huge waves throughout her community and the world at large.

bracelets making

Leah told FOX40 of her intention, “In a world with so many issues, let’s just show other people that they are valued.”

People from all over the world have written in to Leah through her Twitter and Facebook page, requesting that she send them bracelets so they can share her positive message with folks in their communities.

Others have connected with her, interested in helping fund her initiative. Leah subsequently launched an Amazon wish list, through which interested parties can help support her bracelet-making efforts.

bracelet girl

I just want the world to be a better place,” she told FOX40.

“I mean, there’s many issues and people are mad about the issues, and if you’re mad about the issues, why don’t you take action to try and change them?”

becuz i care

One woman told FOX40 that this “young woman out there, she’s going way beyond. This is our hope for our future.”

Watch the adorable video below to see Leah explain her bracelets in her very own words.

This strong girl found a beautiful way to gift her community with a path toward positive progress.

What do you think of this 10-year-old’s bracelet initiative? Have you ever taken philanthropic action like this in your community? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Would you like to contribute to Leah’s vision? Check out her Amazon wish list here.

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