Mom Sees Stranger Leaving Vacant Home Next Door So She Follows His Car And Finds He’s A Fugitive

by Jess Butler
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Gina Scaduto-Zhitnick didn’t expect her own curiosity to aid police with such a serious criminal case and help them catch a wanted man.

In the video below, the cheer mom from Clifton, New Jersey, speaks to a news reporter on February 5, 2018, and explains, “I was just going to see a game and I bumped into a fugitive.”

According to WCBS, she spotted a strange man coming out of the vacant home next door and knew something wasn’t right.

She jumped into her car and followed the mysterious stranger as he drove away in a white vehicle, but stopped when the man sped away.

Although the suspicious man was gone, the incident itself was still very much on Gina’s mind.

“I went to my daughter’s game, and while I’m sitting here watching her cheer, it was on my mind a lot,” Gina says. “Like, I knew this guy was no good.”

When she returned home, she saw the man’s white car again and knew she had to call the police.

Her hunch ended up saving the cops a lot of time and effort, because the stranger she was so concerned about was actually a wanted man named Martin Burnett!

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Photos: WCBS New York

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