‘Ghost’: 10 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About The Romantic ’90s Film

by Jess Catcher
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When Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore teamed up to star in Ghost back in 1990, not even they knew the film would become the biggest success of the industry that year.

They weren’t the only ones, either. Director Jerry Zucker wasn’t sure audiences would be able to connect with a film where the main character was dead the whole time, but he was happily proven wrong.

You have to admit, the premise does sound a little silly when you hear it explained. Still, there’s no denying that this tearjerker has definitely become a classic, just like Patrick’s earlier film, Dirty Dancing.

It also has a lot of humor in it, much of that thanks to co-star Whoopi Goldberg — but I had no idea there was an issue with her casting before the filming started.

Take a look below to see even more surprising facts about the supernatural love story.

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1. Patrick Made Sure Whoopi Got The Role

Ghost film facts: Patrick and Whoopi

The producers were unsure if she was the right fit, and she was having scheduling issues of her own, but Patrick said he would refuse to do the movie without her even though they’d never met.

2. Demi's Talent For Crying Sealed The Deal

Ghost film facts: Demi crying

She can not only cry on command, but can also pick which eye to cry from on its own, which obviously impressed producers in addition to her acting talents.

3. The "Dark Shadows" Were Actually Babies

Ghost film facts: dark shadows

The creepy sound effect for the scary creatures was made by slowing down and reversing audio of babies crying.

4. Patrick Had To Prove He Had A Soft Side

Ghost film facts: Patrick's soft side

Even though he appeared in Dirty Dancing, Patrick was seen as more of an action star thanks to his roles in films like Road House and Next of Kin, so screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin and directer Jerry Zucker weren’t convinced he was right for the role. That all changed when they saw him cry during an interview that brought up his recently deceased father.

5. Patrick Was Freezing In The Chase Scene

Ghost film facts: chase scene

Because it was so cold at night filming the scene in New York City, most of the cast and crew were bundled up in warm clothing. Patrick, however, didn’t have the same luxury as he was playing a ghost who shouldn’t be bothered by the weather.

In order to also make sure his breath wasn’t visible on film, the actor chewed on ice.

6. Mexican Theaters Provided Tissues

6. Mexican Theaters Provided Tissues

Showings in Monterrey, Mexico, handed out envelopes that were marked “solo para mujeres” (for women only) and were filled with tissues. However, based on the reactions to the extremely moving film, there were probably plenty of men reaching for those envelopes as well.

7. Demi Didn't Tell Anyone About Her Drastic Haircut

Ghost film facts: Demi Moore

After auditioning with her hair long, the actress cropped it super short without checking in with Jerry, the director. He was upset at first, but now admits the iconic look was perfect for the role.

8. Bruce Willis Turned Down The Leading Role

Ghost film facts: Bruce Willis

Demi’s husband at the time was offered the role of Sam, but Bruce didn’t think the movie was going to work with the main character being dead the whole time. Obviously, the wild success of the film proved him wrong and he admitted to being a “knucklehead” for turning it down.

9. Two Of The "Ghosts" Died At The Same Age

Ghost film facts: Vincent Schiavelli

Both Patrick and actor Vincent Schiavelli, who plays the ghost in the subway, died at the age of 57 from different forms of cancer — Patrick from pancreatic and Vincent from lung.

10. It Out-Sold Every Other Movie That Year

Ghost film facts: Patrick Swayze

Though Home Alone would eventually gross more as it continued showings into 1991, Ghost reigned supreme throughout 1990 with a worldwide gross of $505,702,588.

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