Mother Creates A Floral Company To Give Her Daughter With Down Syndrome A Meaningful Job

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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A mother’s compassion is a very powerful thing. It can inspire many, especially her family.

Gayana Wijewickrema is an Australian 15-year-old girl with Down syndrome.

Her family describes her as a girl who loves to smile and cuddle, but Gayana has a hard time with basic communication skills. Her mother, Geetha, saw her and others like her struggle, and decided that she should do something about it.

Being an accomplished florist, Geetha began GG’s Flowers with her daughter Nip — the two Gs are for Geetha and Gayana. With the help of her other daughters, she was able to create a company that not only employs those with special needs, but also gives them a job they will love.

Gayana personally delivers the flowers to their customer’s houses with a smile on her face. They usually get a hug as well, which you can see in the video below and is so happily accepted by the couple she visits. With her family’s help, maybe one day Gayana can be like this savvy entrepreneur with Down syndrome who became the youngest business owner in his town.

You can watch Gayana’s older sister Nip discuss their passion for this business. Nip is very active in getting GG’s Flowers name out there and what they represent. Isn’t this just a wonderful idea? I’d love to support a local company like this by me!

Thumbnail from Facebook/GG’s Flowers

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