Show Dog Nearly Dies After Jumping From Moving Car And 4 Years Later He Makes Full Recovery

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Four years ago, Fanucci the German shepherd was at death’s door. According to the Washington Post, no one is quite sure exactly what happened when he jumped out of a moving van and onto the highway in New Jersey, but everyone knows what happened next.

When Fanucci jumped out of the van’s window, the vehicle was going about 60 mph. He’d somehow managed to escape his crate and push down the window far enough to leap through it — all while his owners were in the truck just ahead, towing the van with Fanucci in it behind them.

The German shepherd landed hard on the highway — but thankfully was not hit by any passing cars. Still, he was badly hurt. He couldn’t stand up. Blood was everywhere, and his rear right leg was dangling from his body.

Fanucci was rushed to the hospital. His surgery took five hours and cost about $10,000. His co-owner, Stephanie Schrock, told the Washington Post that they briefly considered putting him down because he was in so much pain. But Fanucci persevered.

Dr. Guy DeNardo, the vet who worked on Fanucci, said the pup would walk again — but he doubted Fanucci would ever be able to compete in dog shows again, which he had been doing regularly up until his accident. Yet within a year, Fanucci was back in the ring. And he was winning.

In February 2018, Fanucci was scheduled to compete in the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, held in New York City. He was a favorite to win. Sadly, his owners announced on Facebook that they had to pull him from the show just hours beforehand because of a hematoma on his ear.

Still, Fanucci’s recovery is nothing short of incredible, and we can’t wait to see him back and better than ever next year!

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