German Shepherd Becomes A Bone-ified Hero After Saving His Family From A House Fire

by Angela Andaloro

A Maryland family has their beloved German shepherd to thank for their lives. Eight-year-old Max became a bona fide hero after he alerted his owners that there was a fire in their Montgomery County home.

When Max saw that a fire had broken out, he barked and ran to alert the family of four to the danger.

His owner, Miriam Rodriguez, recalled his frantic state. “It was an alarm, technically. He was very desperate trying to say something, you know, get our attention, get out,” she explained. The house’s fire alarms hadn’t activated because there was no smoke.

The family worked quickly to get out of the home once their German shepherd alerted them to the fire.

Thankfully, they all made it out safely. The fire was believed to have been started by the metal flue and fireplace in the home. The fire spread quickly, doing a surprising amount of damage. They estimate it had done $425,000 worth of damage, according to WJZ13 Baltimore.

“Seeing everything that you have worked for burning down in minutes, that was the sad part,” Miriam said.

The family is grateful that they escaped without harm. Sadly, there is a member of the family who hasn’t been recovered. Lucy, the family cat, has been missing since the fire. Lucy escaped from the home during the fire, but she hasn’t returned. Still, the family is so thankful to the German shepherd who saved their lives. “If I can call him a hero, I certainly think that he’s our hero. He saved our lives,” Miriam said.

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