Elderly Man Donates $100,000 Worth Of Guardian Angel Statues To Watch Over Deceased Strangers

by Jess Butler
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Gerald LeBlanc’s mission took over four years to pan out, but when it finally did, the results were mesmerizing.

He wanted to donate something extra special to Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines, Iowa. His father had worked as a granite man and spent years setting up tombstones for families. Gerald spent a lot of time there and wanted to give back.

So, he decided to place statues of guardian angels around the cemetery.

But his good deed didn’t come without a few challenges.

“I went to the genealogy agency here, telephone book, word of mouth, and so on,” Gerald explains in the video below, posted on August 10, 2017. “And so, I finally hit the third and fourth generations.”

Gerald had to track down the relatives of the deceased and owners of the cemetery plots and ask for permission to move forward with his guardian angels project. After four years, he had full approval from each and every family.

Inspired by European art, Gerald donated $100,000 worth of marble and stone guardian angels to the cemetery. Now, the guardian angels are watching over loved ones who passed away and were buried there.

The money came out of his own pocket and he couldn’t be any happier about it.

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Footage provided by WHO Des Moines

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