Gorgeous Geode-Inspired Cakes Are Transforming Wedding Receptions

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

As far as weddings go, the cake is definitely an outlet for couples to show off their unique styles and tastes.

We have seen a wide array of wedding cakes, some that are sky-high, and others that are more simple and handmade.

With the right pastry chef and a little imagination, cakes can be transformed into maps of the world, underwater scenes, and even beautiful birds.

But there is a new trend on the rise that is an amazing matrimony of special effects and sparkly stones.

So if you and your beau love precious gems, radiant rock formations, or even geography, these geode-inspired wedding cakes will definitely make you do a double take.

Cascading with stunning edible rock candy, each confection is made to look like a broken quartz with shards.

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Thumbnail Photo: KawaiiFrenzy

These quartz cakes use dazzling colored sugar shards to create the appearance of sparkly, earthy stones.

These cakes are certainly unconventional, using out-of-the-box ingredients, colors, and textures to create the beautiful rocky illusion.

Cake craftsman Rachael Teufel debuted the concept earlier this year, and her amethyst-inspired cake caught the eye of both bakers and brides-to-be.

Since then, other tasty tiered cakes have begin to appear at weddings and on social media news feeds, showcasing different colors and adaptations of cool rock sugar.

This cool cake trend can work for many different couples’ weddings.

While the opulent effect is perfect for anyone who loves sparkly gems, it also celebrates the world’s natural wonders, so outdoor-lovers will love it, too!

The crystal sugar that is used to create the quartz can also be used in other aspects of the wedding other than the cake —they can be used as table decorations or even party favors!

So if you and your someone special want to wed outside the box and show off a wedding cake that transcends toy bridegrooms and frosting flowers, why not incorporate some cool candy into your cake’s aesthetic?

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