11 Genius Ideas For Repurposing Your Old Bedsheets

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

It can be hard to throw things away sometimes, which is how we all end up having closets overflowing with clothes and drawers full of junk.

As a matter of fact, we as humans have grown familiar with the term “junk drawer” because the vast majority of us are terrible at getting rid of the things we no longer need.

One closet that tends to get particularly full is the linen closet, also known as the closet where all of your old bedsheets sit folded and wrinkled for years and years.

So, what are you supposed to do with your old set of bedsheets when you update your bedroom decor, or when they get a bit too worn down?

There are tons of ways to repurpose your old bedsheets in incredibly useful ways. I bet you’ve never thought of these 11 genius suggestions for upcycling them before!

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1. Create A Garden Cover

genius bed sheet repurpose garden covers

If you love to garden, protect your delicate plants from frost or the searing sun using an old bedsheet. You’ll just need to get your hands on some wire or purchase some support hoops to drape the sheet over.

2. Make Your Own Dress

genius bed sheet repurpose diy dress

It’s hard to find a dress in a print you like, so why not make one from sheets that you already love? YouTuber Annika Victoria made this adorable version, or you can follow your own favorite dress pattern using any old sheets.

3. Protect Yourself While Changing A Tire

genius bed sheet repurpose flat tire cloth

It can be very helpful to keep an old bedsheet in the trunk of your car in case of emergencies. What if you have to change a tire on your way to an important meeting or a nice dinner? You don’t want to have to lie on the ground in your nice clothes.

4. Craft A Hand Warmer

genius bed sheet repurpose make hand warmers

Cut up your old sheet into small rectangles and sew each shut on three sides. Fill them with dry rice or dry beans, seal them, and heat them up in the microwave on chilly mornings to keep your hands warm in your pockets!

5. Sew A Cloth Menstrual Pad

genius bed sheet repurpose menstrual pad

This one obviously isn’t going to be for everybody, but if you’ve considered reusable menstrual pads and you have a bit of sewing chops, you can utilize your old sheets as part of a homemade pad that will keep pounds of garbage out of landfills.

6. Create A Dog Bed

genius bed sheet repurpose line a dog bed

An anxious pet will love to sleep on a sheet that smells like you, because it will feel like you are right there with her. Use your old sheets as stuffing for a new dog bed and you’ll have one happy canine.

7. Make A Reusable Shopping Bag

genius bed sheet repurpose reusable shopping bag

If you want to find a good use for your sheets while also helping the environment, turn them into some handy and adorable, reusable shopping bags, like these on Shareably.

8. Weave A Rug

genius bed sheet repurpose bed sheet rug

Rugs made from fabric scraps are great alternatives for high-traffic areas, or in areas that get a lot of wear and tear. You can use old bed sheets to weave a rug for your bathroom, or really for anywhere. There are many different designs, but this braided rug is quite pretty.

9. Create A Custom Shower Curtain

9. Create A Custom Shower Curtain

Whether you want to just use the patterned sheet as-is or paint your own patterns on a white sheet so that you can get the exact color you need to match your bathroom, an old bed sheet is a great way to get a new look in your bathroom, like with this one from Welcome to Heardmont.

10. Upgrade A Sleeping Bag

genius bed sheet repurpose sleeping bag liner

If you want a little bit extra between you and your thin sleeping bag, or if you want to just sew yourself a little pouch on the inside, old bed sheets are the perfect solution.

11. Cut Them Into Cloth Dinner Napkins

genius bed sheet repurpose cloth napkins

All this would take is sewing the hem up on whatever shape napkin you would like to make. It’s a simple change, but if you’ve got the sheets and you need the napkins, it’s perfect!

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