Woman Hears Cries In A Field, Is Stunned To Find Baby Girl In Car Seat Hidden In The Grass

by Jess Butler
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An Amber Alert was issued early in the morning after 8-month-old Genesis Haley was abducted. She was lying in her car seat when a man allegedly stole her mother’s vehicle and took off with her inside.

Later on, the car was located, but baby Genesis was nowhere to be found. Both she and her car seat were missing.

Luckily, someone discovered the helpless girl in a very unexpected place.

A woman named Hong Nguyen was jogging in Houston, TX, when she heard something off-putting in the distance. Hong stopped when she heard cries coming from somewhere in her vicinity.

“It was human sounds, not animal sounds,” she recalls to NBC News in the video below.

Hong claims that she inspected the scene and discovered an abandoned baby in a car seat in the tall grass.

She had stumbled upon Genesis, helpless and alone by the side of the road.

The alleged car thief had removed her and her car seat from her mother’s stolen vehicle and placed her between the thick blades of grass.

Although the police and a helicopter were searching all over for her, Genesis was found by a jogger on her daily run who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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