Dad Surprises Mom When He Turns Gender Party Into Proposal In Front Of Everyone

by Emerald Pellot
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Craig Smith, from London, England decided to whip out a big surprise during the already planned gender reveal surprise with his girlfriend.

The parents-to-be gathered friends and family at Green Dragon Pub. The couple decorated a large box that read “Boy OR Girl” on the front. Inside were balloons. Blue would indicate they were having a boy, while pink would indicate they were having a girl. The couple opened the box and out flew pink balloons everywhere. They were having a girl.

Seconds later, Craig whipped out a small ring box. He opened it up to reveal the engagement ring and proposed to his girlfriend.

“I knew she was the one from the moment I first saw her,” Craig told Caters News. “When I found out we were having a baby I wanted to make it official.”

The couple met online about a year ago and are expecting their first child together in February of next year. The couple appears to have a great support system and much to look forward to.

“Everyone was really happy to hear the news and they have been really supportive,” Craig said. “People were amazed by the reveal and we received a lot of love and positive feedback.”

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