It Seems Like A Normal Gender Reveal, Then Couple Tips The Box To Reveal It’s Actually A Puppy

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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We cover a lot of baby gender reveals here at LittleThings — they’re sweet, cute, and always uplifting.

Whether the parents-to-be are opening a box of balloons, cutting into a cake, or popping a paint-filled balloon, it’s always heartwarming to see the reaction of the couple as they learn the gender of their new baby.

Because we write about so many gender reveals, it’s hard to find one that’s totally unique.

We’ve seen twin announcements, green balloons announcing a military family member’s homecoming, and white confetti that surprises everyone.

That’s why this gender reveal is special: It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Kennedy Christine and Jacob Terry were excited to do a photoshoot revealing the gender of their new family member, and they set it up just like any other gender reveal.

They wore light blue and light pink to signify the possible genders and had a box full of balloons that read: “It’s a…” on the outside.

When they opened the box to release the balloons, though, they revealed that there was something else in the box entirely.

[H/T Infinite Smiles Photography]

Kennedy and Jacob’s gender reveal photoshoot started like any other: They posed for the camera just behind a box that said, “It’s a…”

Before they opened the box to let the colored balloons out, they took a second to relish this moment as a couple.

kennedy jacob kiss

The sweet couple shared a kiss before opening the box.

Although it looked like it would be similar to any other gender reveal, Kennedy and Jacob knew something everyone else didn’t: what was in the box.

pink balloons box

As they pulled open the box, pink balloons floated toward the sky. It’s a girl!

But although Jacob and Kennedy look excited, the biggest surprise was still to come, because there was something else inside the box.

puppy in box

Underneath the balloons, there was also a small black puppy!

Kennedy and Jacob were never expecting a human baby — they were waiting for this little pup all along.

raven puppy

Instead of just telling their friends they’d adopted a puppy, Jacob and Kennedy decided to have a little fun with the announcement.

In addition to this being a “gender reveal,” it was also an adoption announcement!

raven michele

They named the little puppy Raven Michele, and announced her to the world in this sweet photoshoot.

Jacob and Kennedy couldn’t look happier with their new addition to the family!

jacob kennedy raven

Because they were having so much fun treating Raven like their newborn (human) child, they even took pictures holding her paws like a toddler.

Raven really seems to be enjoying herself — and she’s definitely photogenic!

raven picture

Kennedy and Jacob couldn’t look prouder of their little pup, who’s wearing the cutest pink collar to go along with the “gender reveal.”

Although they know it’s not quite like having a human baby, adopting a puppy is a big step in commitment and responsibility for any couple.

raven family

If these photos are any indication, Raven will definitely be growing up in a family that values love and laughter.

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