Gay Penguins Devise Plan To Kidnap Another Couple’s Chick, But Zookeepers Thwart Their Attempt

by Olivia Jakiel
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It sounds like a plotline out of the latest Disney/Pixar film, and while one can only hope they’ll make a movie out of this, you have to admit: This is a pretty sly move for a pair of lovestruck penguins.

A male penguin couple at a zoo in Denmark devised a plan to kidnap another couple’s chick so they could have a little one of their own. The kidnapping attempt started when the two male penguins, whose names have been withheld for the safety and well-being of the birds in question, targeted a young chick left by itself while its mother wandered off for some “me” time to take a bath.

Thanks to the careful and watchful eyes of the zookeepers, though, the scheming couple’s plan was foiled in the nick of time.

Sandie Hedgegard Munck, one of the zookeepers, returned the chick to its rightful parents, who were glad to see their little bundle of joy safe and unharmed.

Sandie told a local station that “the male couple could have thought the chick’s parents were neglectful and believed they could be better parents,” which, honestly, we can’t blame them, but we do think they jumped the gun a bit with the whole kidnapping attempt thing.

However, there’s a happy ending for everyone involved in this (hypothetical) soon-to-be Lifetime-Disney crossover movie. The male couple in question received their own egg from a mother who was unable to care for it, and they now are the proud parents of their very own baby chick.

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